Aditi Mavalankar

I am a 3rd year PhD student in the Computer Science department at UC San Diego, advised by Prof. Gary Cottrell. I completed my undergrad with Honours at IIIT Hyderabad in August 2016.

I spent two wonderful summers (Applied Scientist, 2018 and SDE, 2017) interning at Amazon Lab126 in the Computer Vision team, and will be spending Spring and Summer 2021 at DeepMind Montreal, working with Prof. Doina Precup!

I recently co-organized ExploreCSR@UCSD, a Google-funded workshop for promoting Computer Science research among women. During my Master's at UC San Diego, I was the graduate student mentor of the Early Research Scholars Program (ERSP), led by Prof. Christine Alvarado, aimed at promoting research among undergraduate students, especially students from communities underrepresented in Computer Science.

Other than my work, I love singing (check out my YouTube channel!), dancing and reading.

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My area of research is Deep Reinforcement Learning. In particular, I am interested in option discovery in hierarchical reinforcement learning.

Provably Efficient Model-based Policy Adaptation
Yuda Song, Aditi Mavalankar, Wen Sun, Sicun Gao
ICML, 2020

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Goal-conditioned Batch Reinforcement Learning for Rotation Invariant Locomotion
Aditi Mavalankar
ICLR, 2020 Workshop: Beyond Tabula Rasa in RL (BeTR-RL)

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During my undergrad, I worked on projects in Cognitive Science, Programming Languages, and Online Education.

Eye tracking in naturalistic badminton play: comparing visual gaze pattern strategy in world-rank and amateur player
Nithiya Shree Uppara, Aditi Mavalankar, Kavita Vemuri
PETMEI, 2018

How Does a Program Run? A Visual Model Based on Annotating Abstract Syntax Trees
Venkatesh Choppella, Garima Ahuja, Aditi Mavalankar
LaTICE, 2016

Generation of Quizzes and Solutions Based on Ontologies -- A Case for a Music Problem Generator
Aditi Mavalankar, Tejaswinee Kelkar, Venkatesh Choppella
T4E, 2015

Decoding (un) Known Opponent's Game Play, a Real-Life Badminton Eye Tracking Study.
Aditi Mavalankar, Snigdha Dagar, Kavita Vemuri
EAPCogSci, 2015

Co-organizer, ExploreCSR@UCSD, 2019-20
Graduate Student Mentor, Early Research Scholars Program, 2017-18

Graduate Student Mentor, Early Research Scholars Program, 2016-17
Graduate Teaching Assistant, CSE250A: Principles of AI: Probabilistic Reasoning and Decision-Making, Fall 2020

Graduate Teaching Assistant, CSE150B: Introduction to AI, Spring 2020

Graduate Teaching Assistant, CSE291: Topics in Search and Reasoning, Spring 2019

Graduate Teaching Assistant, CSE190: Introduction to CS Research, Fall 2017

Graduate Teaching Assistant, CSE191: Research Methods in CS, Fall 2016
Teaching Assistant, CSE371: Artificial Intelligence, Spring 2016

Teaching Assistant, IMA201: Mathematics III, Monsoon 2015

Teaching Assistant, IMA102: Mathematics II, Spring 2015

Teaching Assistant, IMA201: Mathematics III, Monsoon 2014

Teaching Volunteer, Ashakiran, 2013-2016

Doctoral Award for Excellence in Contributions to Diversity, UC San Diego, 2020

Master's Award for Excellence in Leadership/Service, UC San Diego, 2018

Research Award, IIIT-H, 2015

Dean's Academic Award, IIIT-H, 2012-2016

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